Today, I got to thinking about what part of my life isn’t lining up with who God says I am and I found it was this hidden thought that I was a failure. I’ve started several businesses that didn’t work out, I’ve been hired for many positions that I’ve had to quit or gotten fired from and I never felt like I really got to deliver. I’ve even get this way when serving as an online pastor of my church.

I’m reading the Living Changed: Identity plan on the Bible App. Here’s a snippet of what got me thinking…

Life is full of struggles. I struggled for the first 25 years of my life with feelings of inadequacy. Daily, I found myself comparing who I was and what I did to everyone around me. I didn’t know it, but I was living with a false identity. It’s this false identity that is at the heart of so many of our struggles.
A false identity occurs when we attach beliefs to our lives that don’t come from God. Beliefs such as “I am a failure” or “I am undisciplined.” When we believe and live from anything other than the truth of who God created us to be, we are living with a false identity.

There’s this sneaky voice that says, “They picked the wrong person…You’re too busy to really apply yourself…This is going to fizzle out like everything else you’ve tried to do”. I am thankful that I’m recognizing these thought patterns and even patterns in my life where I give in to mediocrity and failure.

I look at the Bible and there’s nothing but victory there! There are no mediocre stories. Every single one has a great struggle, but there’s always victory! From David, to Elijah to Esther to the Apostles in Acts to Jesus Himself! There was struggle, but there was also victory!

God didn’t create us to just lull through life. He didn’t create me to quit when things got hard. He created me to press into His greatness and make an impact in my life, in my workplace, ministry, and on this planet to the Glory of His Name!

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