HI, I'M Kristi Pitts


Director & Founder of

The Chandelier Room

If I could tell every woman one thing it would be that:

…you are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.
Song of Solomon 4:7 That’s what Jesus says about you. He says:

You’re worthy.
You’re strong.
You’re beautiful.
And you’re a beloved daughter.

Well, I guess that’s a few things.

It’s so important that we know who we are in God and start to let that identity direct our lives. 

How it all started...

My sister and I owned a small women’s boutique on the south side of Chicago. Our goal was to provide fashionable pieces for women of every size. What was amazing was that we always ended up ministering to (loving, encouraging, breaking chains off of) women who were hurting. We spoke life into battered women, young women who had lost their way, women caught in addiction, women who felt they weren’t beautiful…We provided a space for women to learn, share and encourage each other.  We would spend hours speaking life into women. We served more than we sold.

Looking back, I can see that the women weren’t there for the clothes.  God was sending women to us because He wanted to tell them how much he loved them and how great His plans were for them. It my honor to carry the message of The Father’s Love to women across the world.

Fast forward nearly a decade, and several life-altering events later, I found myself in my car and The Lord spoke in my ear, “The Chandelier Room. A place where women could get together and share their hurts in pains and be healed by God’s power and love. These same stories that held so much pain and shame, ended up being a common place for us all to stand and glorify God as The One who brings us through all life’s difficulties. Abuse, infertility, betrayal, cancer, self esteem issues. We’ve seen it all in The chandelier Room. We welcome you to come share your story. You never know who it will help.



The Chandelier Room is a women’s organization that helps women fulfill their God-given destinies, realize their true worth through Christian ministry, life-skills and mentorship.