There is something about gratitude that unlocks the heavens.

I remember, about 4 years ago, about a year after I moved to Columbus to marry my husband Jay, I remember being underemployed.

I was working very few hours for $10 an hour. One week my paycheck was $5 and some change. One week, I worked for 2 full weeks, driving from Columbus to Salem and Birmingham AL and my check was only $300. 

I had an MBA but couldn’t find a job. I interviewed to the point where I wondered if I was even cut out to work. I had been rejected so many times, I wondered, what was wrong with me.

I remember my friend Alisha inviting me to a prayer and fasting group, in the summer of 2015. I was so desperate and in need of a breakthrough, I felt I HAD to join. I started the first successful fast of my life and with all the fleshly stuff like food, coffee, shopping and social media out of reach, I had to lean on God. He had to be my sustenance.

During that 2 week period when I traveled daily from Columbus GA to Salem AL, I remember working this job that was physically taxing, while fasting. I remember having Spirit-led worship in my ears and joy in my heart.

I remember greeting the people I met with kindness and enthusiasm.

I remember one day, doing this repetitive, manual job and thinking, “God, if this is all you have for me, I’m thankful.” I started to think about what I liked about the job.

I could listen to worship all day.

I could make my own hours.

I worked alone so I didn’t have a difficult boss or co-workers to deal with.

I was hopeful that the hours would increase and my pay would too.

Hey, I might even get a promotion!

In that moment, I was thankful. I was really okay with having this small life as a city-turned-country girl.

Then after a month of fasting, a got a call from a major non-profit organization. They said they found my resume / I applied for a job and they needed a web developer. I won’t go into all the God-did-it details, but I DO NOT remember applying for this job. I COULD NOT find a record of this job in any of my job searching profiles. It was totally a God thing!

Long story slightly shorter, God blessed me with a job paying me a SUBSTANTIAL amount, working from home at a Christian organization.

Let me tell you a few keys to breakthrough:

Giving (I even tithed my $5 check)
Plant seeds (Give God something to work with! Invest in yourself, do a training, take a class, sign up for a webinar. There are a lot of free ones out there.)

I pray this encouraged you to be thankful for what you have where you are and to spend a little more time in prayer and fasting.

God is faithful and He sees you!