The BIGGEST health secret:

it’s your MIND you have to CONVINCE.”

My health journey has been 90% mind and 10% diet and exercise. Literally. Once you know how to fuel your body, it’s up to you to make the right choices.

I used to have this mindset where I “deserved” unhealthy foods because I had a stressful morning, I sacrificially gave to my friend/church/family so I deserve a treat. Problem is, life is hard, and when you love, you love hard and you sacrifice. But everyday can’t be a cheat day and you can’t reward yourself everytime you encounter stress. That’s a bad habit I had to break!

I’ll never forget one day in particular. I’d given much and I was mad at Jay and I thought, I’m going to Chick-fil-A to get the worst of the worst off the menu. I had literally hit a fork in the road. I could go on (my mobile order was already in) and overeat (when I probably wasn’t even hungry), or I could stay the course and remember my health goals and break the cycle. I remember taking a sharp right on Manchester Blvd! I canceled the order! I did it! I didn’t succumb to my old way of thinking! I went to Forever 21 in the Peachtree Mall and bought myself a nice shirt off the sale rack instead (I know I should’ve just gone home but I’m a work in progress!).

Another mindset shift I had to make is represented by this picture. It represents the mindset that says “when I go out to eat I have to GO IN cuz I’m paying good money for it” or “ I can make salad at home.”

I’ve finally leveled up! I’m not where I want to be, but I’m doing so much better!