Can I just say how thankful I am for this lady right here?! Where do I start?

This wonderful lady sponsored my husband and me to go on a Christian retreat that radically changed our lives. She paid out of her own pocket for both of us to go. I felt weight and blinders fall off me that weekend. It was amazing!

Shortly after this, she said that God told her to ask me about digital marketing and web design. I had just started my small business and was not even sure God wanted me to do pursue it. She invited me to lunch and told me God told her to ask me about helping her with her digital marketing. Wow!

Without even a glance at my work, she became my first official client.

Most recently, she has become my health coach and has helped me to lose 20+ pounds! I have gained energy, confidence and I now unashamedly proclaim who God has created me to be!

Her first book is called Reflections of God’s Grace. Michelle, I think that you are a reflection of God’s grace. You have been patient, kind, generous and understanding. I have only known you for just over a year and you have been such a blessing to me!

I thank you for taking a chance on me and for leading me to walk further into all God has for me. May God bless you a hundredfold for all you’ve done for me and so many others. Thank you!

Can y’all do me a favor and go like her page? Her words give life and practical application to the Word of God.


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