Where there’s a will, there’s a way

The challenge to stay active along with responsibilities like work and family is ever looming. When you’re single you can find the time to work out everyday if you’d like. But when you’re a mommy you have to provide and nurture and we often forget that you need to save a bit of that for yourself.

So I decided to go out for exercise today! The 5 am early run is out of the question with two kids but a trip to the park could do the trick. I was able to transform a fun-filled time for them into an interval workout (I use 8fit for workouts and healthy meals and it’s amazing! Join me using this link) for me!

Here’s how:

1. Running two blocks to the park. (This got my heart rate up (cardio-vascular) and really boosted my energy to get started).

2. Do standing leg lifts while pushing the kids on a tire swing.

3. Squats when the kids are on the jungle gym (try a few pull-ups with the kids).

4. Try doing the ‘skate-board’ as my son calls it, but it’s like a softball drill where you’re running sideways back and forth.

5. Use the ledge of the sandbox or bench for stair-stepping. Alternate legs, then try some muscle confusion by doing two on each leg, them three then one on each, etc, etc.

6. Sitting ab-workouts are a great challenge to lower ab flab. You know that pouch that is the bane of your existence. Well, let’s get rid of it!

7. Captain Jacks! Sit on a bench with your back erect and your hands holding on the edge support. Lift one bent knee as high as you can then alternate. After a few of these, try lifting both knees at once. That should start a little fire. If not, do another rep…

8. If you’re lucky enough to have a beach near the park the kids can play in the sand while you do a little ‘floorwork’. Try some pilates inspired moves that will really mesh with the scenery (loud kids aside). Try some ab/leg moves such as the single-leg stretch. Also try leg circles, in pilates you must be present in your practice and pay attention to keeping those ab muscles flat. Do the move until it burns, then repeat.

*By the way do at least 2 preferably 3 reps of every exercise here for best results!*

I was super-motivated when a man came up to me and says “You’re my hero! You’re out here with the two little ones (He mocks my leg lifts). That’s why I’m out here walking every day. Keep it up!” That really kept me going too! I encourage you to get creative AND JUST KEEP MOVING!

Happy Family Workout!

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