Here’s a little #ThrowBackThursday fosho!
I was in the middle of grad school, riding the #26 bus in Chicago and I was scouting craigslist and I found an ad for a focus group. They were looking for women to share their experiences with losing weight and they’d compensate me $50 for my time.
I was thankful for the $50 bucks cuz mama needed new contact lenses and I’m blind as a bat without them! LOL

When the day of the focus group came, I walked up to the facility doors to find that it was a casting company. I said to myself, “This ain’t no focus group.” (Excuse my English) I checked in, then hurried to the bathroom to make myself presentable. I figured it was an audition of some sort, so I took my contacts out so that I couldn’t see the casting directors.

I had so much fear of rejection I wanted to be blind to their facial expressions if they didn’t “like me” for the role.

So, I was just myself. From what I could see, they liked me. I told them the truth about my health journey and how great it felt not to have to hide myself anymore. I was paid $50, I walked away and that was that. For a couple weeks I thought I was wrong— that it was just a focus group. 🤷🏽‍♀️
A few weeks later, while I was doing my finance homework, I got a call from an unknown 312 number (I usually don’t answer unknown calls). It was the casting company. They explained to me that the focus group was a casting for “regular women” for a Special K campaign. I KNEW it!
My commercial was a national spot and I got to sign on as a SAG actress. Fancy! After a month or so I got a check for $800! I was thankful, honestly, I expected more, but I was thankful. Then a check for $200, then $50, and random checks in the mail until I earned $10,000 over the winter months. This was a huge blessing for a single mama in grad school! Praise God! 🙌🏽
After all the years I tried to make acting happen on my own, God did it overnight, effortlessly. I don’t know what acting looks like for me now, but I’m walking into all God has for me and you should too! 👊🏽
(Here’s the full commercial if you all want to see it. Kinda embarrassing, but it’s out there!